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Kirito is awesome :iconmonkeyloveplz:

Sword Art Online: Kirito Stamp by The-NutkaseKirito Stamp by klll100Kirito Stamp by Karin75146Kirito Stamp by bremm-ruarte



Even though it's almost four am I thought about making a journal just to thank mr. Kishi for sending me to bed with a smile in my face Naruto 698 is something I will never forget and don't want to forget either.
  • Mood: Yearning
happy birthday Naruto! finished by blueglacier19
happy birthday Naruto! finished
Ok, I admit it:iconorzplz:....I am very very new to this so I must confess it took me about 5 hours,:iconfinallyplz: and yes, it is done in paint. Happy birthday Naruto, I could go on making a huge journal about how much you have changed my life in so many positive ways, without you I would still probably feel the way I used to feel before meeting you, thank you for becoming part of my life :iconiloveyouplz: Thank you for having my biggest crush in life as your rival so I could see you competing and know more about life....Ok I could go on but I will stop now, I am a little sensitive with the fact that the manga will be ending next month so yeah..

Naruto belongs to Mr. Kishimoto
Art by me
Hinata-chan (meme) by blueglacier19
Hinata-chan (meme)
Yes, this took me approximately 2 and a half hours, you see mistakes? Of course you do, that is because it was drawn in paint, :iconconfusedsakuraplz: but I just could not resist,:iconconfusedhinata: this is for a meme in tumblr where you are supposed to draw your favorite Naruto character in Sasuke's chunnin onesie outfit,… but considering that we have all seen Sasuke in his chunnin outfit :iconkushina-sorryplz:I decided to go for my second fave character, hinata-chan. So that is how we got to this sweet conclusion. I am not sure if someone drew her already but if it happened I wanna see :iconchigaimasuplz:

Anyways, I also tried to give it a bubble texture however I think it failed...OTL
Alright! Time for credits: Hinata-chan belongs to Mr. Kishimoto
Julie V2 Glance by blueglacier19
Julie V2 Glance
Now this is what happens when your family has friends over, maybe they should have them more often :icondragontongueplz: that way I could draw more often and continue working on what I have pending.:iconrelievedplz: Anyways, this is for :icondandygrrl: I sat down "listening" all random conversations while I took out my pencil and began sketching, then they continued talking and talking and I began outlining, much much later and I began coloring, much much really much later...seriously 3 am and I decided: I am done with it so I should just get over with it and upload it, or else I am sure I will procrastinate and take forever to upload it even done so yeah~

Anywho, let's wrap this up and credit the creator.

Julie V2 belongs to :icondandygrrl:
Art belongs to me :iconhurrrplz:
Iamsoproudofthis meme by blueglacier19
Iamsoproudofthis meme
Hell yes! I am so proud of this! :iconkarin-ohyes: after almost 4 freakin years! This is the feeling of Ikilledmybuttofftodothisagain :iconnarutosobplz: Just look at this! I can't believe I am saying this, but i am so freaking proud of myself. :iconkushina-sorryplz: and while many things have changed i realized that even thought there is not much detail I still focused a little more on everything else, and that includes the coloring of course which I just barely realized that I did not finish coloring it and yet I still ended up uploading it like that :iconinteresting-hehplz: I see lots of difference, yet there are a couple of mistakes I could identify right away that I still keep on doing :iconconfusedhinata: but i guess that's part of learning anyways.... (takes mental note of the visible mistakes )
I am still thinking whether I should upload or not the new version of Summer is over 2014 considering the fact that I hardly upload any personal ocxCannon drawings, so I will decide later, but i was itching so much to see how much my style changed and I finally did it, and I love it!:iconnarutothumbsupplz:
I have a scanner now, however, I couldn't use it so the quality may not be that good to see ^^;
I credit :iconnattouh: for the naruto icons
and Mr. Kishi for Sasuke and Gaara
and QueenofMyth for her Oc Hanna.
And for last I credit myself for my art :iconnarusmileplz:

Now I feel sort of Sensitive looking at how much I struggled in the past to draw that face I love so much now :iconhinatahappynodplz:


Lost in Candyland
Artist | Hobbyist


People I look up to for many many reasons.. :iconcutiesmileplz:



Sasuke stamp by Endoh-is-dumb

KAWAII by akizumistamp: sasuke awkward eyebrow by FairyxWingzSasuke smile stamp by KamuBronikNailsNaruto ~ Uchiha Sasuke ~ OLD Stamp by KiraiMiraiYoung Itachi :: Stamp by TakeMeAwayxxYoung Sasuke :: Stamp by TakeMeAwayxxSasuke and Itachi Stamp by RandomTonsBadge: Sasuke by TheRedKunoichisasuke stamp by SakamakiJustineSasuNaru Rankai Stamp 2 by xDobexNaruto and Sasuke fight Stamp by Sagittarius28Sas-UKE 05 by DoctorMLoliSasuNaru stamp (3) by AllenWalkerHinamoriAnimated Naruto Uzumaki stamp by Km92Sasuke stamp by SakamakiJustineSasuke glare stamp by xaiGatomonSasuke Stamp by RandomTons
Sasuke Mini by KittyMissyNaruto: Sasuke avatar by chibi---kawaiiSasuke Icon by sakura-biyoriGo get me my tomatoes Narusasu by SakamakiJustinesasuke cute smile by SakamakiJustineBaby Sasuke by sashun08

:iconcuteblushplz:Hug Gaara Stamp by angelbebop8
Kakashi Stamp 01 by Rika24I am a super Kakashi fan as well :iconchocoloveplz:


Naruchuu by pikarar Naruto:Im ganna catch them all by Ranniiee


Some Other Cool Stamps :iconyaykumajiroplz:

Stamp: Genzo Wakabayashi ANIMATED by Lily-de-WakabayashiGenzo Wakabayashi Stamp by GraStampsStamp: Genzo Wakabayashi ANIMATED 3 by Lily-de-WakabayashiSpirit Stamps: Water by gaianchildStamps: CA:NM Team Stamps 01 by hikarushirouNHP - Stamp by DedmerathStamp - Naruto x Hinata 03 by MiaKa-CiDSasuke smirk stamp by xaiGatomonNaruto Lover Stamp by Immature-Child02Naruto and Sasuke fight Stamp by Sagittarius28Sasuke Uchiha Stamp by Shay-SamaStamp for Hey Arnold by kitty-the-katpluto:STAMP: by XxdarknayruxXBunny stamp by I-Am-BleuMiffy - The cute little Bunny by SkinnyMandriaWorking : Bunny Snuggle Stamp by acww-freak08Ace Bunny stamp by 6t76t
Cute Naruto GIF by Lord--SasukeThe Pokeball of Cyndaquil by wazzy88Sleep is for the weak by thehobosapien
Because I just don't want to leave it in my faves when it's epicly funny Hetalia: Celebrate Responsibly by khakipants12
Football Head by KicsterAsh

Favourite genre of music: Pop and Japanese Rock.
Favourite style of art: Sketches
Favourite cartoon character: Sasuke Uchiha
Personal Quote: "Isn't it funny how day by day nothing changes but when you look back everything is different...."
- C. S. Lewis
(okay, it is not my personal quote :iconohdearplz: however I find it quite fitting to my mood.))

:iconrightyouareplz: :iconsobeautifulplz: :icononiondiplomaplz: :iconorzplz: :iconrelievedplz: :icononichewplz: :iconlalalaplz: :icontinoplz: :iconilavplz: :iconimsorryplz: :icononionlullabyplz: :iconsasukeishappyplz: :iconaloneplz: :iconruncryplz: :iconsayhiplz: :iconhappyhappyplz: :iconsweatdropplz: :icononiontantrumplz: :icondontunderstandplz: :icononionwoeplz: :iconfeelingfullplz: :iconarigatouplz: :iconpervplz: :iconsaunarelaxplz: :icondizzyplz: :iconitsfreezingplz: :iconsighingplz: :iconbaibaiplz: :iconiloveyouplz: :icon0u0plz: :iconiheartitplz::iconsleepyonionplz::iconexcitedblushplz::iconstarfyplz::iconsnooty-plz::iconoo-plz::icondizzy-plz::iconanoplz::iconiseeplz::iconamgplz::icondesufaceplz::iconimsarcasticplz::iconicantbelieveitplz::iconcrosseyedclap2plz::iconchuuplz::iconsothereplz::iconimhachuneplz::iconnotimpressedplz::iconurajerkplz::iconimwinkingplz::iconohdearplz::iconukraineplz::iconshityfaceplz::iconimsrspervplz::iconeheheplz::iconikissitplz::iconwthplz::iconforgivemeplz::icondragonlick::icondignitylaughplz::iconcuteblushplz::icononisweatplz::iconcuriosityplz::iconcomeatmeplz::iconstudytimeplz::icondesperateplz::iconinsultedplz::iconrejectedplz::icononionfailplz::iconcomeoverhereplz::iconscaredtodeathplz::iconembarrasedplz::iconsweatdropplz::icondustingplz::icononionomfgplz::iconthirstyplz::iconschoolplz::icononistressplz::iconhappytearsplz::iconomgnoesplz::icononionwoeplz::icononioncheerplz::icononisoaked::icononitiredplz::icononishowerplz::iconawkwardplz::iconlolwhutplz::iconcblushplz::iconlegaspplx::iconimdeadplz::iconwant-plz::iconmeawplz::iconsawthatplz::iconhuh--plz::iconmoody-plz::icondaawplz::iconfullofshtplz::iconimpressedplz::iconimtwitchingplz::iconlll-plz::iconnghplz::iconpervieplz::iconpolandplz::iconretardthinkingplz::iconblushingmadplz::iconincomprehensionplz::iconwatchitplz::iconsmartyplz::iconloveloveplz::iconpuppyyayplz::iconahahaplz::iconcutiesmileplz::iconloolplz::icontongueblush::icondesueyeplz::icondesueye2plz::icononionbombplz::iconsmokeplz::icondafuqplz::iconabyssstareplz::iconrosestareplz::iconlove--plz::icontakuyastareplz::iconcuterrhplz:

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