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Kirito is awesome :iconloveloveplz:

Sword Art Online: Kirito Stamp by The-NutkaseKirito Stamp by klll100Kirito Stamp by Karin75146Kirito Stamp by bremm-ruarte

Stamp Rin Okumura by AllenWalkerHinamoristamp-love rin by BurbujitafdejabonRin Okumura - Stamp by Tainaka


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People I look up to for many many reasons.. :iconcutiesmileplz:



Sasuke stamp by Endoh-is-dumb

KAWAII by akizumistamp: sasuke awkward eyebrow by FairyxWingzSasuke smile stamp by KamuBronikNailsNaruto ~ Uchiha Sasuke ~ OLD Stamp by KiraiMiraiYoung Itachi :: Stamp by TakeMeAwayxxYoung Sasuke :: Stamp by TakeMeAwayxxSasuke and Itachi Stamp by RandomTonsBadge: Sasuke by TheRedKunoichisasuke stamp by SakamakiJustineSasuNaru Rankai Stamp 2 by xDobexNaruto and Sasuke fight Stamp by Sagittarius28Sas-UKE 05 by DoctorMLoliSasuNaru stamp (3) by AllenWalkerHinamoriAnimated Naruto Uzumaki stamp by Km92Sasuke stamp by SakamakiJustineSasuke glare stamp by xaiGatomonSasuke Stamp by RandomTons
Sasuke Mini by KittyMissyNaruto: Sasuke avatar by chibi---kawaiiSasuke Icon by sakura-biyoriGo get me my tomatoes Narusasu by SakamakiJustinesasuke cute smile by SakamakiJustineBaby Sasuke by sashun08


Naruchuu by pikarar Naruto:Im ganna catch them all by Ranniiee

Some Other Cool Stamps :iconyaykumajiroplz:

Stamp: Genzo Wakabayashi ANIMATED by Lily-de-WakabayashiGenzo Wakabayashi Stamp by GraStampsStamp: Genzo Wakabayashi ANIMATED 3 by Lily-de-WakabayashiSpirit Stamps: Water by gaianchildStamps: CA:NM Team Stamps 01 by hikarushirouNHP - Stamp by DedmerathStamp - Naruto x Hinata 03 by MiaKa-CiDSasuke smirk stamp by xaiGatomonNaruto Lover Stamp by Immature-Child02Naruto and Sasuke fight Stamp by Sagittarius28Sasuke Uchiha Stamp by Shay-SamaStamp for Hey Arnold by kitty-the-katpluto:STAMP: by XxdarknayruxXBunny stamp by I-Am-BleuMiffy - The cute little Bunny by BennyBruttWorking : Bunny Snuggle Stamp by acww-freak08Ace Bunny stamp by 6t76t
Cute Naruto GIF by Lord--SasukeThe Pokeball of Cyndaquil by wazzy88Sleep is for the weak by thehobosapien
Because I just don't want to leave it in my faves when it's epicly funny Hetalia: Celebrate Responsibly by khakipants12
Football Head by KicsterAsh

Favourite genre of music: Pop and Japanese Rock.
Favourite style of art: Sketches
Favourite cartoon character: Sasuke Uchiha
Personal Quote: "Isn't it funny how day by day nothing changes but when you look back everything is different...."
- C. S. Lewis
(okay, it is not my personal quote :iconohdearplz: however I find it quite fitting to my mood.))

:iconrightyouareplz: :iconsobeautifulplz: :icononiondiplomaplz: :iconorzplz: :iconrelievedplz: :icononichewplz: :iconlalalaplz: :icontinoplz: :iconilavplz: :iconimsorryplz: :icononionlullabyplz: :iconsasukeishappyplz: :iconaloneplz: :iconruncryplz: :iconsayhiplz: :iconhappyhappyplz: :iconsweatdropplz: :icononiontantrumplz: :icondontunderstandplz: :icononionwoeplz: :iconfeelingfullplz: :iconarigatouplz: :iconpervplz: :iconsaunarelaxplz: :icondizzyplz: :iconitsfreezingplz: :iconsighingplz: :iconbaibaiplz: :iconiloveyouplz: :icon0u0plz: :iconiheartitplz::iconsleepyonionplz::iconexcitedblushplz::iconstarfyplz::iconsnooty-plz::iconoo-plz::icondizzy-plz::iconanoplz::iconiseeplz::iconamgplz::icondesufaceplz::iconimsarcasticplz::iconicantbelieveitplz::iconcrosseyedclap2plz::iconchuuplz::iconsothereplz::iconimhachuneplz::iconnotimpressedplz::iconurajerkplz::iconimwinkingplz::iconohdearplz::iconukraineplz::iconshityfaceplz::iconimsrspervplz::iconeheheplz::iconikissitplz::iconwthplz::iconforgivemeplz::icondragonlick::icondignitylaughplz::iconcuteblushplz::icononisweatplz::iconcuriosityplz::iconcomeatmeplz::iconstudytimeplz::icondesperateplz::iconinsultedplz::iconrejectedplz::icononionfailplz::iconcomeoverhereplz::iconscaredtodeathplz::iconembarrasedplz::iconsweatdropplz::icondustingplz::icononionomfgplz::iconthirstyplz::iconschoolplz::icononistressplz::iconhappytearsplz::iconomgnoesplz::icononionwoeplz::icononioncheerplz::icononisoaked::icononitiredplz::icononishowerplz::iconawkwardplz::iconlolwhutplz::iconcblushplz::iconlegaspplx::iconimdeadplz::iconwant-plz::iconmeawplz::iconsawthatplz::iconhuh--plz::iconmoody-plz::icondaawplz::iconfullofshtplz::iconimpressedplz::iconimtwitchingplz::iconlll-plz::iconnghplz::iconpervieplz::iconpolandplz::iconretardthinkingplz::iconblushingmadplz::iconincomprehensionplz::iconwatchitplz::iconsmartyplz::iconloveloveplz::iconpuppyyayplz::iconahahaplz::iconcutiesmileplz::iconloolplz::icontongueblush::icondesueyeplz::icondesueye2plz::icononionbombplz::iconsmokeplz::icondafuqplz::iconabyssstareplz::iconrosestareplz::iconlove--plz::icontakuyastareplz::iconcuterrhplz::iconnightsmirkplz: :icontsukinosmirkplz:


Picture time by blueglacier19
Picture time
Hey! I swear this looked better in my phone:icondafuqplz:...Hopefully it does not look that horrible. :icononionfailplz: Ehem *clears throat* anyways I believe this will be my last drawing before my 3 week hiatus.:iconeheheplz: And it's a birthday present for my friend :iconkorimizu: 
Sorry for not uploading this on your birthday...I honestly suck at deadlines....Not even a frickin birthday message I am deffinitely a horrible person.. Anyways, hopefully you will be able to recognize where I got the reference. And if not then let me know :iconblushthanksplz: Well, I really hope you like it, and Happy belated birthday Mizu-chan. :icontinoplz: I hope you like it.

Asking for a second opinion I was told Sasuke's shirt, the way it's colored doesn't look too good...So I am sorry OTL
Ok, I am totally dead, I am going to bed, I am super sleeppy :icondizzy-plz:

Sasuke, Itachi, and Naruko belong to Mr. Kishimoto.
Art by me
Desperate by blueglacier19
It's true this is how I am right now I need to know where this came from!… I wanna take a picture with Naruto and Sasuke :iconcraiplz:
I need to know if anyone knows any information about this!… The curiosity is killing me :icondesucraiplz: IamsuperreallycuriousaboutthisIhavebeengooglingthisincelastnightasasdfsfdgddagfasd
  • Mood: Hopeless
  • Reading: This Naruto picture TwT
  • Eating: Naruto
  1. How long have you been on DeviantArt?

    Welp! :iconcuriosityplz: The counter in my main page says 4 years so imma go with that :iconimwinkingplz: (honestly I am horrible at remembering stuff, lucky for me DA has those things. Actually it says I joined the 9th of this month so I think I am close to 5 years :iconicantbelieveitplz: )

    2. What does your username mean?
    Blueglacier19? OwO I don't know I just....Oh!
    It means I like cold things better than hot....What? xD I dunno. I just like my name but I guess there is no specific reason, I mean we had to have a DA name right? 

    3. Describe yourself in three words.
    Shy,random, and .........derpy?

    4. Are you left or right handed?

    Right handed :iconcomeatmeplz:
    5. What was your first deviation?

    Summer's over by blueglacier19

    6. What is your favourite type of art to create?
    Traditional! :dummy:

If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?

    Digital art :iconsawthatplz: but I am happy with my traditional art so I really don't mind :iconeheheplz:

    8. What was your first favourite?

    Sasuke: Farewell to Innocence by VandorWolf 
    by :iconvandorwolf: I really loved her Sasuke Cosplay :iconloveloveplz:

    9. What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?

    Naruto Fan art to be specific :iconcuteblushplz:

Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?

    :iconcuriosityplz: I have a lot of favorite artists impossible to choose :icondizzy-plz: 

    11. If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?
    All of the beautiful people that I know here on DA :iconmonkeyloveplz: Ren-chan, Komiya-chan, annria2002, Usuratonkachi-chan, Dinklesmoothi-neechan, Anni-tower-chan, NovaVandorwolf, hishane, valichan, Nattouh-chan, Naroe-chan, AkuroBaisotei-chan, Omg and the list goes on....:iconimdeadplz: 

How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?
    I think all the people around me have made me realize that there are many things I must work hard on, that if I try I can do whatever I put my mind into, and most importantly we are bound to see each other again even if it takes forever :iconcraiplz: This answer may be vague but in the end it's just a little explanation of the fact that thanks to DA many of us have a family out here :iconchuuplz: be it people we look up to and friends who support us and omg..TwT I am deviating myself again...asfjhffikjliygk

    13. What are your preferred tools to create art?
glittery pencil, my eraser, and my Crayola pencil colors :icontinoplz: Since day one and it still is! :iconcutiesmileplz:

    14. What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?

    When I am listening to music alone and have my sketch pad in hand :iconretardthinkingplz: Or whenever I am watching a movie but always on my own.

What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?

    I don't have just one favorite memory but I do have kind of a general answer, I never forget the feeling I get whenever I get a picture drawn just for me, or the hopes that the person whom I have drawn a picture for likes it :iconforgivemeplz:

Ps. I am giving a small rant for DA in the past years you give us at least this day the chance to use free journal skins so why not this year too :iconrosestareplz:
  • Mood: Hopeless
  • Listening to: Mexican Pop
  • Eating: Naruto
Today is the birthday of one of my most important fave characters :iconsobeautifulplz: Happy Birthday Sasuke Uchiha I still love him tons and tons :iconloveloveplz: and therefore I decided to make a special journal just to dedicate it to him :iconchuuplz:
To the person who made me dream 
To the person who inspired me to go further beyond my boundaries
To the person who taught me that being a crazy fangirl is an amazingly fun thing :icontinoplz:

I absolutely love this character for this reasons and many more.:iconcutiesmileplz: And while I'm at it I wanna feature a certain someone who spams my inbox with superamazingepiclylovable Sasuke Fan Art because :iconkomiya-chan: honey you make my day with your super awesomesupersexy Sasuke fan art.

These pictures were the first ones I discovered and loved when I was barely starting to watch you :iconhurrrplz:
The Uchihas by Komiya-chan Madara and Sasuke by Komiya-chan   

These pictures stole my heart :iconiheartitplz:
14.11.16. by Komiya-chan 14.06.11 by Komiya-chan He's an avenger.. by Komiya-chan Still alone by Komiya-chan 1000 birds by Komiya-chan Lonely path by Komiya-chan      And! And! Omg!:heart: the list goes on asdfdg so hard to decide I wanna add all your gallery here :iconiheartitplz: 
This is the reason I wanna become a better artist: 
Deadly forest by Komiya-chan 
(You seriously have no idea how much I loved this picture :iconomgsocuteplz: )

And what made my day today :iconiheartitplz:
Your day! :) by Komiya-chan 
This is seriously so worth deserving of a huge feature I absolutely adore this :iconilavplz: So thank you so much for making me smile every single time you upload your wonderful art.:iconloveloveplz: Please continue filling my inbox with more lovely Sasuke fan arts :iconiheartitplz: You are definitely one of my most fave artists here in DA.
Okay so I failed to upload this journal online in time it's already 12:13 am but that is very like me i guess :icononionfailplz:
  • Mood: Hopeless
  • Listening to: Naruto openings
  • Reading: Kobato
  • Watching: Naruto
  • Eating: Naruto
  • Drinking: and breathing Naruto

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